Share your sustainability efforts with TealBook's Sustainability Survey.

By taking just a few minutes to complete the survey, you could attract more business opportunities from sustainability-minded companies.


Resources for Taking the Sustainability Survey

Best Practices 

  • Collaborate with your colleagues to capture all ESG initiatives your organization is currently engaged in.
  • Upload all applicable supporting documents. By getting better insight into your policies,  your customers will have an understanding of how their procurement decisions impact their sustainability efforts. 
  • Use the insight gained from completing the Sustainability Survey questions to help guide your company’s sustainability journey.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable procurement practices to help position your organization as a valuable strategic partner to your clients. 
  • Retake the survey at any time to keep your customers up to date on your ESG initiatives.

Why Complete the Survey?

TealBook's Sustainability Survey will allow you to:

  • Strengthen customer relationships by demonstrating how your corporate strategies contribute to your customers' sustainability programs.
  • Become discoverable to customers searching for sustainability-minded suppliers.
  • Gain visibility into the questions customers are asking, to help guide your organization's sustainability journey.
  • Elevate your supplier profile by displaying your completion certificate.

Sustainability Survey Overview

For a high level overview of TealBook's Sustainability Survey, please refer to the following resource.

Sustainability Survey Supplier Guide

For detailed instructions for completing the sustainability survey, download the guide. 

About TealBook's Sustainability Survey

TealBook is committed to helping organizations make procurement decisions that align with their Corporate Sustainability goals. We have created the TealBook Sustainability Survey to capture your organization’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts. These results are available to buyers on the TealBook platform to help inform buying decisions.

The survey is divided into five sections: 

  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Governance
  • Privacy